African Shops Return Policy

Our aim is for clients to be satisfied and comfortable with their orders. However, circumstances might not always be as planned. If a transaction falls below our standard of service delivery, contact us, and we will strive to make things right for you. This policy does not restrict your statutory rights to withdraw or rights you may have concerning incorrect, damaged, or faulty goods.

Return & Refund Requests 
If you are unhappy with your order or service delivered is below our standard, please submit a request for a return or a refund quickly. Place your request for a return or refund within the days specified by the sellers before or after delivery. If, for any reason, an item is not delivered, submit your request for a refund within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery. We have no obligation to consider a request placed outside 30 days of the date of delivery or the latest estimated date of arrival.

Returns & Refunds FAQs
o  I changed my mind
You can withdraw from a purchase at any time between the time of purchase and 14 days of receipt of the item. If purchased items have been shipped before Merchant or African Shops receives a cancellation request, you will be responsible for the costs of return shipping. Certain items have an explicit return policy attached to them when listed. Please check the return advice by Merchants before you buy it. Return Policy by Merchants will override this return policy
o  This is not what I ordered – If you receive an item that is damaged, not the size or color you ordered, or not rationally consistent with the item listing, you are qualified for a refund. We may request some proof of the issue – typically just a photo or two. You can return any items, except Excluded Items, within 14 days of receiving the item. Excluded Items include DVDs or software or personal health and hygiene products, such as creams, lotions, underwear, perishable items, and other topicals, where the seal has been broken.
o  It never arrived – If you don’t receive an item you ordered, and the merchant is unable to advise a reasonable alternative delivery date, you are eligible for a refund. Please contact us within 30 days of the most recent estimated date of delivery.
o How do I place a request for a refund?
Return and refund requests should be placed from the website- or locate the order in your order history and click Customer Support.
o How long does it take to get my refund?
After African Shops approves a return or cancellation or withdrawal and (in some instances) confirms the return of the item, African Shops will return the amount of the purchase and the standard shipping fees. If you opt for African Shops coupons, the refund will be credited as vouchers/coupons for future purchases made on the website. Any charges for special or expedited shipping will not be refunded, and (as described above) in some cases, the customer will be responsible for return shipping fees. Please allow up to 5 business days for the money to return to your account after we confirm the refund has been completed.

o  I paid cash or Settled Seller directly without using online payment, can I get a refund?
Unfornaturely, African Shops UK money back guarantee does not cover payments made or settled outside our online payment platform on If you have paid cash or directly , you need to settle the return/refund with the Seller. African Shops UK will not be liable for any payment outside the platform. If you have paid directly to Seller, please contact seller and try to reach an agreement. If you can not settle with Seller, please reach out to our customer support team .

African Shops reserves the right to:
a) Refuse any refund if it in good faith suspects abuse of this policy or violations of the Terms and Conditions
b) Limit customer support and refunds for abuse of these services or violations of the Terms and Conditions
c) Limit purchase activity in the services if it in good faith suspects abuse of this policy or violations of the Terms and Conditions
d) Refuse a refund if it suspects the transaction activity relates to any stage of Money Laundering – placement, layering, and integration
· This Policy may be updated from time to time.
· This Policy, including the requirement to contact us within 30 days of receipt or estimated delivery time, does not limit the statutory warranty or withdrawal rights you may have with a merchant – African Shops makes these refund and return options available at its discretion regardless of the rights you may have with a merchant.
o If African Shops accepts a return or provides a refund under this policy it will satisfy any refund you were entitled to with the applicable merchant. Therefore, once a refund from African Shops has been secured, your right or ability to obtain a refund or other consideration from the relevant merchant is affected.
o African Shops’ offer of a refund is not an admission of judgment or failure in any pending dispute but a goodwill gesture to encourage an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.