Why Choose Us

African Shops UK is a leading online marketplace for selling and buying afro-Caribbean products. Our web services bring online shopping to your doorstep, giving you the best way to shop your everyday organic and authentic Afro-Caribbean products with ease. We do not stop there, we are excited to have expanded our help to cover African businesses offering "Services as a Product" - SaaP. African Shops UK website is operated by Linkbase Services Ltd. Company is registered in England & Wales - Company No: 09916757.

Personalized Products/Services

African Shops UK personalizes the product and services we delivery to you. We use feedbacks to know how you feel about products/Services and ways to improve. We don't just bring buyers and sellers together , we hand-pick our quality sellers from many. Each seller abides by our Terms-of-Use and we expect nothing short of quality products, excellent service delivery and personalized customer service.

Bringing Communities Closer

We love our african foods, lifestyles, fashion and what africa really the beating heart of the world. We travel miles, take the pain to reach out to African Merchants who brings us the joy of having access to African's varieties of foods and Life style.

Quality Service Providers

African Shops UK is helping so many sellers reach their buyers with a click of a button. Our focus is local but our reach ambition is global. The ease to buy or sell African products and Services has never been better. Today, you can access any African product seller and any African Services provider anywhere in UK. Just sign-in and start ordering