How are special prices and percentage discounts listed on African Shops determined?

Items on are listed by Sellers who provide details for any sales discounts or special offers. African Shops does not guarantee or endorse that the Seller offered or sold the items at a discounted cost.

What is a Coupon code?

How does it work? Save more on your orders by adding your earned coupons codes during checkout. To use your coupon code, please follow these steps: Visit your Cart. At check out, click on the promo code field and type in your coupon code Click...

What are Reward Points?

We may offer rewards on our website in a way to say "Thank You" for supporting merchants on When you purchase qualifying items, reward points are to be credited to your account.

How can I use my reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed as Coupons and used towards making future purchases. Just add the redeemed Coupon code to the purchase order at checkout. Coupons applied to discount orders do not lower shipping costs. You need to ensure you can pay...

How do I get a free gift on

We offer gifts to select first-time visitors to Gift items are available to add to the existing order. When you add promo gift items to orders, you will be paying for all related shipping costs. Gift items can not be returned...